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Z-SYSTEMS implant variety at a glance

The most advanced & versatile ceramic dental implants on the market today

  1. 100% ceramic, screw-retained, two-piece Bone / Tissue Level Implant: Surgical procedure analogous to two-piece titanium implantology. Closed healing, augmentation and simultaneous sinus lift is possible in suitable cases.
  1. Straight and angled abutments in different abutment and gingival heights are available for aesthetically superior restorations.
  1. The Z5c implant can be prepped. *Zirkolith® material’s high stability makes it possible to prep the implant to defined preparation limits. This unique ability in implantology means a great deal of freedom for the user for individual adjustment to existing anatomical circumstances.
  1. The conical, self-cutting threads ensure primary stability.
  1. The secure form-fit of the abutment is achieved with its internal cone connection. The visible gap is by design, necessary for clean cementing.
  1. The extraordinarily stable implant-abutment connection plus outstanding break resistance ensure the highest level of safety.
  1. The abutment can be directly prepped in-situ. Thus one can provide customized, fast and low-cost care. The connection geometries of our structures are filed in the most-available CAD libraries (3D Diagnostix, Carestream, Materialise, Planmeca, Sicat, Vatech).
  1. This unique material makes it possible to prep the shoulder on a custom basis to defined preparation limits. *The shoulder design makes it possible to produce the optimal soft tissue shape for a safe and aesthetic solution.
  1. The optimal combination of the conical basic form with dynamic, active and self-cutting threads achieves high primary stability even in soft D3 bone.

All Z-SYSTEMS implants are provided with a hydrophilic surface! The laser-structured SLM®-surface has been shown to promote osseointegration due to its demonstrable increased roughness.

* Z-SYSTEMS has had the safety of manually-prepped Z-SYSTEMS implants tested by the renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Material Engineering. The results are clear. No significant impairment was found in the prepped implants. Manually prepped implants do not have a higher risk of breakage.

Ceramic implants and instruments - Z-System's product portfolio

Z-Systems ceramic implants are unique in their combination of design and material. Here is an overview of our extensive portfolio.

The health of your patients is our top priority. That is why we have put together a comprehensive technical guide which we also provide online for our customers in a separate area.

We recommend the use of Zirkolith® ceramic implants for dentists with a thorough practical surgical training, expertise and experience in implantology. Z-Systems offers regular training dates with experienced users in order to start with the system. You can learn more here.

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