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Z5c implant

Z5c - two-piece glued and self-tapping

The two-piece cemented Z5c implant is a self-tapping tissue level implant.

Properties of Zirkolith® implants

  • scientifically tested and documented soft tissue affinity
  • superior aesthetics, no gray rings, white implant
  • innovative chair-side abutment individualization
  • outstanding bone integration*** thanks to the SLM®** surface

* Z-Systems has had manual grindability tested at the renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Materials Mechanics The results are clear; it was demonstrated no significant deterioration of ground-down Z5 implants. Manually ground implants showed no increased risk of fracture. Z-Systems' grinding protocol: use only red ring diamonds (47 µ), maximum water cooling, pressure-free work. Z-Systems would be glad to share the results with you upon request.

** Surface Laser Modified, lasermodifizierte Oberfläche

*** Data on file

Why ceramics?

Learn more about the benefits of Z-SYSTEMS ceramic implants

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Highlights of the two-piece Z5c implant

  1. Can be prepped directly in situ: Abutment and implant shoulder
    • individual aesthetics
    • Fast and cost-effective restorations – like a natural tooth
  2. Same outer contour and surface like monotype Z-SYSTEMS implants ensures transferable Results:
    • same drilling set
    • excellent osseointegration with SLM® laser surface
    • very good long-term results
  3. Perfect individual aesthetics thanks to preppable preparation margin.
  4. The implant connects a conical basic shape with a dynamic self-tapping thread.
  5. Experience from over 60,000 implants placed
    • Self-tapping thread with bone chip reservoir reduces insertion torque
    • Excellent osseointegration through proven, patented proprietary SLM® laser surface technology and gentle plasma sterilization

Our technology

Top aesthetic results with Zirkolith® ceramic implants

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Size overview of the Z5c implant

∅ 4.0*Shoulder-Ø∅ 5.0*Shoulder-Ø
8 mm4.8 mm6.0 mm
10 mm4.8 mm6.0 mm
12 mm4.8 mm6.0 mm

*incl. matching Z5c-HC40/Z5c-HC50 healing caps

Biocompatibility and bone integration

All Z5 implants are made from TZP- A Bio-HIP® zirconium oxide, a highly biocompatible material

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