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Top aesthetic results with Zirkolith® ceramic implants

Dental zirconium oxide ceramics are now available with different qualities. Implants from Z-Systems are made with the unique Zirkolith® process. It includes our experience of 15 years of research in the field of development, material processing and quality assurance and offers key advantages:

  • The breaking strength depends on the manufacturing process. Zirkolith® ceramic implants are carefully made in several steps and then post-processed.
  • The SLM® surface which has been developed and patented by Z-Systems achieves a surface enlargement through increased macro and micro roughness. This leads to an improved bone integration. Healing with the latest generation of Zirkolith® ceramics is over 98%, which is comparable to leading titanium implants.
  • Zirkolith® ceramic implants are plasma sterilized, which is gentle to the material.
  • Zirkolith® ceramic implants can be ground in the mouth as with a natural tooth. This simplifies work and makes extensive accessories superfluous.

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