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Ceramic implants from Z-Systems

Zirkolith® – the right choice

Zirkolith® is distinguished by our own manufacturing process and offers you special advantages compared with other ceramics used:

  • Zirkolith® monstrates extremely low adhesion of bacterial plaque, the main cause of gum diseases such as periodontitis. Untreated periodontitis can increase the risk of many organic diseases, such as diabetes, risks during pregnancy, osteoporosis or cardiovascular disease
  • Our implants can be ground like natural teeth without problems and do not require complex accessories. This makes your dentist’s work safe and easy – and guarantees perfect esthetics.
  • Together with ceramic drills and instruments we offer complete metal-free restoration – the best alternative for patients suffering from allergies.

Choose an implant made from high performance ceramics

  • Metal-free – excellent soft tissue reaction/ behavior
  • Biocompatible – optimally tolerated by the body, very good regeneration of the gums
  • Esthetic – white ceramic for a brilliant smile
  • Safe – worldwide experience from over 15 years of experience



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