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Welcome to the world of safe ceramic implants

Z-SYSTEMS is the global leader in ceramic implants.

Tens of thousands of successfully placed implants and over 15 years’ experience have brought us significant advances in manufacturing, quality and know-how. We value clinical documentation, and are certified as per ISO 13485.

Z-SYSTEMS products are CE- and FDAcertified.

We obtained the first CE certification for one-piece ceramic implants in 2004. These are manufactured with our safe Zirkolith® process. In 2007, we were the first ceramic implant manufacturer to meet the requirements to obtain FDA certification. Four years later, we continued this success with our Z5c two-piece ceramic implant. The Z5m(t) conical ceramic implant with active threads was certified by the FDA in 2015, and successfully introduced around the world. Our two-piece screwed Z5s implant obtained CE certification in 2016. We are the first and only manufacturer of a bone-level implant made of ceramic with platform switching.

Trusted pioneering advances.

Constant innovation, based on solid scientific experimentation, our unique product range and personal advice - your satisfaction is our goal. The road to reliable, safe material and design is a long one. We follow significant quality demands and continue successive developments. Safety without compromise is our highest motto, because we are convinced that only sustainable and safe implants ensure your success. We are pleased to present you our complete product range on the following pages, and to win you over with our safe ceramic implants.

The benefits of Z-SYSTEMS - ceramic implants at a glance

  • Survival rate comparable to that of titanium implants
  • Secure osseointegration thanks to the hydrophilic SLM® surface
  • Implant and abutment can be prepped
  • Higher material strength than titanium
  • Less plaque, better gum attachment
  • Not electrically conductive, no galvanic elements, no currents
  • Sustained aesthetic results