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We can look back on experience of more than 15 years:

2018CE approval for Z5BL, world's first 100% ceramic screwed bone level implant with SLM surface
2016CE approval for Z5s, the first two-piece bone level ceramic implant with SLM surface
2015FDA approval for Z5m(t) implants, the first conical ceramic implant with SLM surface in the US market
2014FDA approval for Z5c implants, the first two-piece ceramic implant in the US market, CE appoval for the first conical implant system Z5m(t) with SLM surface
2013CE approval for the Z5c two-piece implant with an SLM surface
2012FDA approval for Z5m
2011Introduction of the one-piece implant with the SLM surface and CE approval
2009Use of lasers for structuring the surfaces (SLM) won the internal comparison between various surface structuring methods, and was patented
2007FDA approval for zsystems
20041st CE approval for Z-Look3-implant
20011st placement of a Z1 implant