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Ceramic Implant Institute - Z-SYSTEMS COURSE May

Educating for Excellence: 3-Day Z-Systems Ceramic Zirconia Implants Courses

These intensive courses (10 hours per day) are designed to provide participants with hands-on training placing one-piece and two-piece Z-Systems ceramic zirconia implants on LIVE patients. Each course will be customized based on the needs of the participants.

Learn more about the benefits of Zirkolith Z-Systems Ceramic Implants:

• Easy for dentists to learn and use 

• Extremely biocompatible

• Best tolerability in the human body

• Excellent osseointegration

• Natural whiteness and pleasing esthetics

• Excellent regeneration of the gums

• Corrosion-resistant and non-conductive

• Predictable results and ideal long-term solution


To learn more read here (PDF) or register for our exclusive Ceramic Implant Courses
Please contact John Sheehy directly at (617) 480-5922 / john.sheehy@zsystems.com or email lesa(at)missionimplantcenter.com / (949) 363-3914