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Ceramic Implant Training Cancun in August 2016

4 days of intensive class room and hands-on training in Cancun, Mexico

After 4 days of learning, you will embark with complete confidence to:
•  Understand the nuances of ceramic implant surgery including the drilling protocol, placement, implant prepping capabilities at time of placement and review of the restorative options.
•  Understand the rationale and concept behind metal-free implantology.
•  Understand how and why Bioceramics are the most biocompatible materials.
•  Successfully market and differentiate your practice from your competitors with ceramic implants.

Also included in the package are 10 Z Systems (zirkolith) 2-piece implants with a Starter Surgical Kit for you to begin your career as a Certified Ceramic Implant Center Trained doctor.  RETAIL VALUE OF 9700.00 USD FOR FREE

For further information please contact support(a)zsystems.com