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Z-Systems Zirconia two day training program with AIID

We cordially invite you to our training program in October with AIID!

Course Summary

Zirconia Implants have been available in Europe and other parts of the world for many years. Clinicians have been able to show a comparable success rate to titanium implants by utilizing a protected loading protocol. Zirconia implants are approved for the US market because of their high success rate and predictability.

Zirconia implants will open a completely new frontier for dental practices, who are currently serving patients with high esthetic demands or looking for a metal free treatment solution. Additionally, Zirconia implants will allow clinicians to treat patients with metal allergies. As it has been described in the literature, gingival response and tissue integration around zirconia are optimized.

This two-day program provides comprehensive training about clinical principles associated with implant therapy utilizing the zirconia implant. All of the surgical and prosthetic techniques for fixed and implant supported overdenture prosthesis supported by Zirconia implants will be discussed.

See here for Flyer and Agenda as PDF.

For further information please see the AIID website.