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Advancing Ceramic Implant Dentistry

6 September 2019 | NYC

Training Course with Dr Paul Petrungaro

IAOMT 2019 Annual Meeting

September, 12th-14th | Boston, MA

35th Anniversary Meeting!


Advancing Ceramic Implant Dentistry

27 September 2019 | San Francisco

Training Course with Dr. Ted Fields

Congrès ARIA

3-5 October 2019 | Lyon

Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD-CAM) in dentistry for dental surgeons, dental prosthetists and manufacturers of dental...


03. Octobre 2019 | Paris

LA ZIRCONE DANS TOUS SES ETATS : chirurgical, prothétique, numérique

1. European Congress of Ceramic Implantology

10.-12.10.19 | Horgen / Zürich

Unter dem Leitthema „Facts of Ceramic Implants“ lädt die Europäischen Gesellschaft für Keramik Implantologie-ESCI nach Zürich.

Advancing Ceramic Implant Dentistry

12 October | Scottsdale

Training Course with Dr Al Manesh