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Z5-TL tissue level implant

The first 100% ceramic screw-retained implant

Z5-TL: the Tissue Level version of the world’s first 100% ceramic, two-piece screw-retained implant

Properties of Zirkolith® implants

  • scientifically tested and documented soft tissue affinity
  • superior aesthetics, no gray rings, white implant
  • outstanding bone integration** thanks to the SLM®* surface

* Surface Laser Modified, lasermodifizierte Oberfläche

** Data on file

Pourquoi la céramique?

En savoir plus sur les avantages des implants en céramique Z-SYSTEMS

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Highlights of the Z5-TL Tissue Level implant

  1. Aesthetics for professional care
    • Wide range of straight and angled abutments for optimal esthetic results and flexible functionality
    • A wide range of options for designing the exit profile
  2. 100% ceramic
    • 100 % ceramic, screw-retained, two-piece tissue level implant
    • Surgical procedure analogous to two-piece titanium implantology
    • Closed healing, augmentation and simultaneous sinus lift is possible in suitable cases
  3. A Unique, strong connection
    • The conical screw connection with internal thread for microgap-free connection and  prevention of a pump effect.
    • NEW: ceramic abutment screw for 100 % all-ceramic restoration
    • A titanium screw is also available as an option
  4. Experience from over 70,000 implants placed
    • Established ennosal design, based on tissue-level predecessors, ensures transferable results
    • Self-tapping thread with bone chip reservoir reduces insertion torque
    • Excellent osseointegration through Z-Systems‘s proven, patented proprietary SLM®  laser
      surface technology and gentle plasma sterilization

Notre technologie

Excellents résultats esthétiques avec les implants en céramique Zirkolith®

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Options prothétiques étendues

Contactez-nous, nous nous ferons un plaisir de vous envoyer toutes les informations dont vous avez besoin pour fournir nos implants au niveau des tissus


Aperçu de la taille de l'implant Z5-TL

∅ 4,0Épaule-Ø∅ 5,0Épaule-Ø
8 mm4,0 mm5,0 mm
10 mm4,0 mm5,0 mm
12 mm4,0 mm5,0 mm

Biocompatibilité et ostéo-intégration

A tous les implants Z5 sont fabriqués en oxyde de zirconium TZP- A Bio-HIP®, un matériau hautement biocompatible

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