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As we kick off the new year we would like to present to you our latest brochure "SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE." This includes a comprehensive overview of case reports, long-term studies, peri-implantitis investigations, material science and immunology. True to our motto: “Experience cannot be copied”, this publications underscores Z-Systems’ pioneering role in ceramic implantology.

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Initial Situation
The patient, a 47 year old female, had previously lost tooth #25 due to recurrent peri-apical infection following multiple attempts to retreat an endodontically treated tooth. Her medical history was characterized by controlled mild periodontal disease she was otherwise medically stable. A residual ridge of 7mm in
hight was visualized with adequate width. After clinical and radiological examination a decision was made
in favour of the placement of a Z-systems Z5c Zirkolith Ceramic Implant (10mm, Ø 4.0mm) and a simultaneous internal sinus lift.

Case by Dr. Dan Hagi
Toronto, Ontario Canada

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Oral surgeon Ted Fields, DDS, PhD, understands the importance of staying current on procedures and technologies that provide high-quality results in the field of dental implantology...

Zirconia dental implants, such as the ceramic implants offered by Z-Systesm, which Fields has been placing for nearly a decade with excellent results, ...


Published in Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry: link

Evolution of Implant Design: Two-Piece Zirconia Implant Combines Strength, Esthetics, and Disease Resistance

Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry
September 2015, Volume 36, Issue 9

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Zirconia Ceramic Implant: Replacement of a Maxillary Lateral Incisor

Author: Dr. Sammy Noumbissi

Published on


Placement of 1 monobloc zirconia implant

Dr. Judson Wall, US


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Immediate Placement of a Two-piece Zirconia Ceramic Implant to Replace a 2nd Maxillary Premolar

Dr. Sammy Noumbissi

Published on

Posterior Surgical Placement - #29 and #30

Dr. Yuriy May, Connecticut, US

Published on dentalxp: